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Fleet Repair

Bring your fleet vehicle to CARSTAR for accident claim management, flexible billing and precision repairs. We are a CEI approved collision repair centre that direct bills to CEI. You’ll also benefit from our industry-leading warranty.

Was your fleet vehicle in an accident? Here’s what to do next. 


Document the Event

If another car was involved in the collision, take photos of the damage on both vehicles. Exchange names, contact info, driver’s license and license plate details with the other driver. Note the time, date location and particulars of the incident. 


Report the Claim

Contact Manitoba Public Insurance to report the collision and find out if you're eligible for an MPI Direct Repair and get your MPI Claim Number, which you will need when contacting a DR-accredited repair shop in Winnipeg.

CALL Manitoba Public Insurance 1.800.665.2410




If you learn you’re eligible for Direct Repair, call the number below. Tell us your Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Claim Number and license plate number. We’ll assess the damage and work with MPI to process the repair based on the MPI-approved estimate.

CALL 204.795.6986


Show us your CEI Card

If your fleet has CEI coverage, just show us your CEI card and we’ll direct bill any repairs or deductions not covered by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).


Additional Fleet & Industrial Vehicle Services  

Preferred Pricing
Register your fleet with us to benefit from preferred pricing and priority turnaround to keep your fleet vehicles on the road where they belong. 

Windshield Repair & Replacement
Whether your fleet vehicles have small chips or major cracks in their windshields, we can help. Depending on your provider, we can manage insurance claims on your behalf.

Dent Repair
Regular wear and tear can lead to dings and dents in your fleet’s fenders. Let us repair minor blemishes so you can keep your fleet looking professional and well cared for.

Paint & Body Repair
Does your fleet need a full overhaul? We accept all makes and sizes of vehicles for retouching, repainting or rebranding.

Rust Proofing
Protect your fleet from pre-emergent salt damage and extend the lifespan of your vehicles with rust control services.

Fleet Reconditioning
When it’s time to return fleet vehicles to the dealer or send them to auction, we’ll fully recondition the body by removing dings, scratches and scuffs and doing cosmetic repairs.

CARSTAR Direct Repair Hotline 24/7
Call 204-938-7000