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How to Make a Claim

If your vehicle’s body is damaged, CARSTAR can help. 

CARSTAR is an MPI accredited repair shop and service centre in Winnipeg. That means if you’re a Manitoba driver with Autopac Insurance, we can help you assess damage on your vehicle, provide an MPI estimate and manage an MPI claim or glass claim on your behalf.


Accident Types that May be Eligible for Direct Repair

To drive on Manitoba roads, your vehicle must be registered and have Autopac Insurance. Whether driving in Winnipeg or on roadways outside Winnipeg or Manitoba, you may be eligible for MPI Direct Repair coverage if you’re in any of the following situations:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Fleet Vehicle Accident
  • Hit-and-Run Accident
  • Vehicle-Animal Collision

Is your collision eligible for Direct Repair?
Contact Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).

MPI Winnipeg: 204.985.7000 Outside Winnipeg/MB: 1.800.665.2410

How to Report a Claim

Follow these simple steps, and the MPI Claim Centre will tell you if you’re eligible for an MPI Direct Repair claim.

Document the Event

If another vehicle was involved and damaged in the accident, take photos of both vehicles affected. Both drivers should exchange names, contact info, driver’s license numbers and license plate details. Note the date, time, location and collision details. Here is an MPI Accident Report you can use. 

Report the Claim

Contact Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) in Winnipeg to report the collision and find out if you're eligible for an MPI Direct Repair Claim. If you are, ask for your MPI Claim Number. For out-of-province claims, visit MPI reporting.
CALL MPI: 1.800.665.2410



If you're eligible for MPI Direct Repair, call CARSTAR. Tell us your license plate number and MPI Claim number. As an MPI accredited repair shop, we can formally assess your vehicle’s damage, provide MPI with an estimate, and manage the claim on your behalf.
CALL CARSTAR: 204.818.9464


CARSTAR Direct Repair Hotline 24/7
Call 204-938-7000