Been in a car accident? Here's what to do next.

First, contact Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) to make an Autopac claim. Once eligible, you will be given an Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Claim Number and told to approach a Direct Repair dealer directly.

Next, call CARSTAR Collision & Glass Service and tell us your Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Claim Number and license plate number.  If needed, we will take your vehicle, then assess and fix it, and handle the claim on your behalf. 

What to do After an Accident


Exchange Info

If another car was involved, exchange names, contact info, driver’s license, license plate and car make, year and model with the other driver. 


Take Photos

Take photos of any damage on your vehicle and any other vehicle involved, for your claim.


Get the Details

Write down or type the details of the accident into your phone. Note the time, date, location and how it happened.


Record Your Witnesses

Take down the name and contact info of anyone who witnessed the accident. 


Report The Accident

  • Make sure you have the info you’ll need to fill out an Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Accident Report.
  • Call Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).

Winnipeg: 204.985.7000 Outside Winnipeg/MB: 1.800.665.2410


Get Your Claim #

If you are eligible for the Direct Repair program, ask for your Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Claim Number.



  • Call 204-979-5121
  • We'll arrange for a tow if you need one.
  • We'll arrange a replacement car for you to use while your vehicle is being repaired.
  • Then, we'll assess the damage and manage the claim on your behalf.
CARSTAR Direct Repair Hotline 24/7
Call 204-938-7000