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Direct Repair for your Auto in Winnipeg

What is Direct Repair?

Save time after a collision by going to an accredited Direct Repair shop to get an authorized Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Claim estimate. MPI Direct Repair is available to Manitoba drivers to speed up their car accident repair estimate and repairs on eligible claims, with an accredited direct auto body repair shop, in or outside Winnipeg.

What Does “DR-Accredited Repair Shop” Mean?

An MPI-accredited direct repair shop is a collision centre that has met the strict standards set by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) for completing safe and proper auto body and car accident repairs.

Fast Forward Your Claim 

Now, after a car accident, repair claims can be estimated and processed directly through an MPI direct repair shop. This saves you time.

Repairing Newer Vehicles

Many newer vehicles are made with materials and technologies that improve safety and fuel efficiency. Repairing these may require specialized training, equipment and methods available only from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or certified facility. CARSTAR is an auto body shop that is certified to do many OEM repairs. Once we know your vehicle’s make, model and year, we can properly assess your OEM direct repair requirements. 

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Had an Accident?

Here's what to do next.



Document the Event

If another car was involved in the car accident and needed repair, take photos of the damage on both vehicles. Exchange names, contact info, driver’s license and license plate details with the other driver. Note the time, date, location and particulars of the collision.  


Report the Claim

Contact Manitoba Public Insurance to report the collision and find out if you're eligible for an MPI Direct Repair Claim. MPI will assign you a claim number, which you will need to provide to CARSTAR when you call. 

Call MPI: 1.800.665.2410



If you learn that you're eligible for Direct Repair, call the number below. Tell us your MPI Claim Number and license plate number. We'll assess the damage and work with MPI to process the repair based on the MPI-approved estimate.

Call CARSTAR: 204-979-5121

CARSTAR Direct Repair Hotline 24/7
Call 204-938-7000